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my overall view of the final artefact was that it did aim to what I was expecting, and it did reach the objective, which was to show the difference between a good eyesight and a bad eye sight. the process I took was pretty straight forward I knew what I wanted to do just didn’t know how I was going to do it, considering putting the thought on to web. there was a lot of floating ideas surrounding it, but I think the way I went with it was decent enough.

The problems I had was, that the weather wasnt great to film in, so I had to always check on the conditions to see if it was good enough to produce something, and at the end of it, I had to wait until the rain would stop and go to film, but during the film, it started to rain again, but I think the weather, went well with the film and the music. the other problems I had were that when I exported the film, and tried to put it on to YouTube, it wouldn’t upload and I tried 4 5 different dvd to, so what I had to do was import it in to premier and then export it out and then uploading it onto YouTube was pretty much straight forward. the last of my problem was when I was putting the video onto google maps it didn’t embed probably and I tried that for about 4 hours then I left it, then few hours later I tried it again and it was successful.

The things I would have changed about the artefact was, I would have liked it to be more interactive, with buttons, and spent a lot more time on it. i also wanted it to use sketchup to build the route then transformed it from sketch to film and so forth.

Posted by: hameedm | December 14, 2009

Final Artefact

you may have to click it to the right once to see the camera

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After the after effects

we had a after effects lesson in the class, which touched on some topics, but seeing how complex that software is, it would take a whole longer than an hour talking about it to actually get anywhere into it.

but i am very interested in the program, because i see thats where the future is heading, and ive always been intrigued, by effects and manipulating certain things in films, and hopefully we have an assignment where i am able to be creative on the matter

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Final Cut?…oh theres more

we also had final cut lessons, where we learnt the basics of the software, and how to transfer things from external hard drive, to the program, which gave us on insight to it.

i used final cut to produce my film, it was my first time on the program and i found it pretty much easy, espically after using Avid for the past 3 years, all editing software seem to all have the same basic structure, so i just went on my previous experience and managed to produce the film

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Google Earth

i also experimented with google earth I was going to add it into my final artefact, but didn’t go to plan, I would of had to change some of the stuff to intertwine with it, such as put it before the route, but then it would be unabled to click it on google maps, so i left it how it was, but gain experience on the software, and it was very useful

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watching the ray movie gave me a whole different perspective on the matte of the route.  in this movie they shoed ray charles losing his eyesight, as a child, and you seen that happen on the screen, and it was well documented and well executed and that gave me  some type of idea, to put into my film, seeing as i dont have the best eyesight, that could be documented in my film

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so far the module has picked up its pace, adding the other elements into it, such as the whole interactive theme and how you can blend it in to your final artefact.  i was kind of confused how to do so, i mean i thought by that we was going to take the whole graphical approach on it, as if we was going to have control over the film, and add stuff to it to make it seem like we are the one making it do each move, but there was also a different way of interactive, on how the viewers of the artefact react to it, and how they gather information from it

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Streets are watching? Google that is..

the google street view is our asignment in a nut shell to be honest, the route from point a to b, and also the interactiveness, to do so i dont think will be very hard to do, but of course duplicating what google has already produced wouldnt really be a good idea, but i think everyone enjoys street view, except from it prying into homes, at some locations, the idea is good, for travellers who havernt been to that place before they pull out their phone or laptop, and street view ill give them the route

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i liked the usuage of using the screen for more than just one thing, other things can go on in the film more than just the obvious, so i looked at some videos that do so. which is kind of implecated in my final artefact.

Posted by: hameedm | December 13, 2009

Another Example

I didnt really have an idea what i was doing on this i was just experimenting on the push tool, to make objects 3-D, just gave me more freedom to play with the softare.

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